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Dealing with an injury can be very overwhelming and complicated. Medical, financial and emotional concerns can create a unwanted distress, leaving sufferers confused. When the injury is the result of another's carelessness or disregard, the turmoil can be exceptionally devastating.

At R&A Attorney & Counselors, our compassionate Marietta personal injury lawyers are dedicated to alleviating the concerns of individuals suffering the effects of another's negligence . We care for each of our clients, providing them with the compassionate and aggressive representation they deserve for their personal injury cases.

40+ Years of Collective Experience

Injuries can occur suddenly, as in an auto collision; or gradually, as in toxic exposure. No matter the type of injury, responsible parties need to be held accountable for their negligent actions . Devious individuals or companies, however, will often divert blame or deny fault in an attempt to avoid paying fair recompense to their victims.

At R&A Attorney & Counselors, we are dedicated to finding the truth of the matter in all our clients' claims. We believe a prompt and intensive investigation into your personal injury case can enable us to provide personalized and effective legal counsel.

Our Cobb County personal injury lawyers have 40 years of combined experience and can assist you if you've been a victim of any of the following:

What can effective representation do for me?

At R&A Attorney & Counselors, our skilled lawyers pride themselves in providing the effective legal representation needed to work towards achieving the outcomes our personal injury clients desire. We believe the law is applicable to everyone and all deserve fair compensation for damages needlessly caused by another.

Our hard-hitting team of injury attorneys will zealously fight for our clients' right to the maximum reimbursement possible for any type of injury damages, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of Income
  • Property loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages
  • Funeral expenses

Dedicated to Serving Our Clients, Personally and Financially

We recognize the issues and concerns arising from a personal injury claim can occur at any time. At R&A Attorney & Counselors, our lawyers are available 24 hours a day to assist our clients. We offer flexible appointment hours and locations. For our catastrophic injury clients, we can meet them in their home or in the hospital.

We understand our clients may be facing additional monetary burdens due to their personal injuries. We offer a free initial case evaluations to our personal injury clients, either by phone or in person. Our firm accepts no payment until your case is settled.

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